We feel passionate about supporting local talent which is abundant throughout the island of Ireland. 

 A major feature of our business in recent years has been advising on the acquisition of art for investment purposes together with the disposal of artwork, carpets and furniture. Confidential assistance with choice of salesroom, or the finding of an individual buyer, can mean all the difference where difficult decisions are involved.

Colin Watson

Colin Watson lives and works in Belfast. He has held seven solo exhibitions in London,  Dublin, Northern Ireland and Morocco.  In October 2008, Colin was invited by HRH The Prince of Wales to accompany him on the Royal Tour of Japan, Brunei and Indonesia, as his official Tour Artist.  


Conor Fleck

Conor’s work shows a sensitivity to traditional values in painting. His choice of colours, although often subdued, allow the viewer to appreciate a more subtle approach. His line is charged with his own personal experience drawing from his imagination and study of life.

David Johnston

David Johnston has lived in the Hillsborough area all his life. From an early age he began sketching and painting, developing a natural talent, and although he has had many major influences from both the Irish and European art world, he has developed his own distinctive style.

Martin Mooney

Martin was born in Belfast, Northern Ireland and has achieved many awards since 1983. He has works in private collections in Ireland, United Kingdom, France, Guernsey, Spain, The Netherlands, Switzerland, USA, Canada, South Africa, Morocco, Australia and Hong Kong.