David Johnston

David Johnston was born in Northern Ireland and has lived around the Hillsborough area all his life. From an early age he began sketching and painting, developing a natural talent, and although he has had many major influences from both the Irish and European art world, he has developed his own distinctive style. Never one to be stuck with a ‘safe formula’ he continually tries different techniques pushing and pulling the paint around the canvas often aiming for something more visual than representational and always hoping to take the viewer to a new level – a new way of looking. he is now a full time artist and has had several exhibitions – having exhibited in the Royal Ulster Academy and also the British Isles. His paintings are in private collections throughout Ireland, Europe and the USA.

David states – “using my main medium of oils (which I prefer for versatility) I continually strive to become more fluent in the language of painting and thereby pass my love and passion for my art onto the viewer”.

Past Exhibitions

1998 The McKee Gallery Dromore
2000 Belfast Castle
2001 Royal Ulster Academy
2003 Gormleys Fine Art Gallery Belfast
2004 Royal Ulster Academy
2004 Charles Gilmore Gallery Holywood
2005 Royal Ulster Academy
2006 Gormleys Fine Art Gallery Belfast
2006 Lisburn Art Gallery
2006 Charles Gilmore Gallery Holywood
2006 Gormleys Fine Art Gallery Dublin
2006 Arts Society of Ulster
2007 Awarded an Associate Membership of the Arts Society of Ulster