In his powerful and evocative paintings, inspired in part by traditional Irish forms, Jeremy Henderson pays homage to the aesthetic tradition, literature, music and life itself.




About the Artist


The painter Jeremy Henderson passed away peacefully on April 28th, 2009 following the diagnosis of a brain tumor.  His images deliberately evoke the picturesque and romantic landscape conventions that originated in the late 18th century as well as the expressionist subjectivity of painters such as Jack B Yeats.


"Since returning to Ireland in 1999, my work has become less concerned with resisting landscape paintings in a cultural context more appropriate to our times but has come full circle towards an internalised organic abstraction which characterised my more intuitive approach in the early '80s,"

Jeremy Henderson



Arts Council of Northern Ireland

Fermanagh County Museum

Office of Public Works Eire

Smurfit Bank PLC

Waterford Crystal PLC

Mr. Vincent Ferguson

The John Hewitt Foundation, Queens University

The National Arts Collection, UK

Private Collections England and Ireland