Patricia Martinelli's paintings deal knowingly with elemental groupings of fruit, continually being arranged using basic repertory forms.  Thematic by nature, each painting progresses towards the next.





About the Artist


Born in 1957 in England to Italian parents from Livorno, Tuscany where there is a strong family connection of visual artists, notably the post war religious painter "Voltalino", who was a contemporary of Carlo Carra, a painter who formed, along with De Chirico, the Metaphysical art group.



Patricia studied Fine Art at Northampton and the West Sussex University.   Moving to London in the early 1980s she entered the Academy of Live and Recorded Arts, studying drama and dance.  Afterwards she pursued a professional career appearing in regional and London theatres.   Throughout this time Patricia continued to paint, exhibiting in group and solo shows in London.


Patricia has now settled in Fermanagh and paints from her studio in Boho.   Exhibiting in Northern Ireland and working on private commissions, her work is in many private collections.


Her work has evolved from her theatrical experience and current interest with still-life.  The canvases show a preoccupation and empathy with 17C and 18C Spanish still-life painters, particularly the work of Juan Sachez Cotan and Melendez.   Though her paintings acknowledge their histroical context within the formalism of this genre, they have a personal edgy quality which allows the inclusion of chance, almost quirky, elements, like the discovery of wild crab apples in a local hedgerow.


In their quiet, articulate way and in the organisation of space across the canvas, the paintings indicate an intuitive balance of tension between emotional restraint and overt sensitivity.