We are privileged to be the representatives of a number of established sculptors of international repute and also enjoy encouraging emerging talent where we see it.  Sculpture can be commissioned for both private and corporate collections. We have two sculptors in particular who are highly skilled at portraits, and many who have experience in life- and above life-size work.

 We always carry sculpture in stock, and enjoy featuring new work in all our exhibitions, keeping the inspiration fresh for both artist and client. We are lucky to benefit also

Bob Quinn

A full time sculptor in Blackrock Co. Dublin, Bob Quinn’s art is expressionist and his deep knowledge of anatomy allows hime to abstract the human form and make the simplest of observations.

David Williams-Ellis

David Williams-Ellis is the recipient of the Elizabeth T. Greenshield Foundation Award and an elected member of the Royal Cambrian Academy.

Cheryl Brown

A graduate of Applied Arts at the University of Ulster, Cheryl Brown has been exhibiting for more than 15 years throughout the UK and Ireland. Her work is influenced by cave painting and primitive sculpture.

Elizabeth O’Kane

An award winning sculptor and painter, originally from Ballymena, now working in Dublin. Elizabeth’s sculptures are figurative and focus on anatomy, portraiture, and movement. She works in bronze and stone. Her watercolour paintings are strongly architectural, almost photorealist.